The easiest and most effective home facial masks

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The skin is one of the most important organs of the body, which must be paid attention to so that it is always healthy and beautiful. All the components of the suggested face masks are available, so it is easy to prepare them yourself.

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It is best to use masks together with a revitalizing massage. Then the skin gets a kind of protection from the effects of dangerous risks and factors. The main thing is to observe the proportions of ingredients and the number of procedures, to adjust them independently, add new ingredients to well-known recipes. To always look great, it is desirable to regularly clean oily skin from excessive shine, and to moisturize dry skin.

The easiest and most effective home facial masks

You will have a good effect on your skin with an egg mask, which can be mixed with honey and sunflower oil every three days. Make such a mask quickly and easily. The composition is applied with gentle movements. For the area around the eyes you need to use special products. It is better to combine the ingredients in a nonmetallic container. The consistency of cream or cream is ideal.

Once a week it is desirable to make a vitamin mask, adding sunflower oil (necessarily refined) or sour cream to the fresh greens. During the preparation of the mask you should add special mineral additives, which can be purchased in pharmacies.

The easiest and most effective home facial masks

The following effective mask will instantly firm the skin and give it a natural glow. Let’s proceed to the details. Take clay powder (2 tsp.), add apple cider vinegar (1 tsp.) and mix all the ingredients to the consistency of liquid sour cream. Then apply the mask on the face for fifteen minutes, leaving a very sensitive and delicate area around the eyes.

From the clay is very easy to make masks, as it is pleasant to use, immediately gives a visible result. In addition, it is an excellent base for a variety of masks.

A mask with three types of clay (montmorillonite, hassul and kaolin) contains algae extract and exfoliating particles. It should be applied regularly (once a week) so that the skin becomes polished and clean. Blue mask is an effective skin cleansing treatment, it is made from cosmetic clay, which determines its color.

The mentioned mask is suitable for cleansing oily skin from various troubles (pimples, fatty areas, blackheads and black dots). Such a procedure is best done in the evening (30 minutes at least), in peace and quiet.

So, let’s begin preparation.

  • In a measuring cup pour two tablespoons of warm (filtered) water and gradually add the same amount of powder medical clay.
  • Then gently mix the components with gentle motions from the edges to the center until they are completely homogeneous.
  • Then we apply a thin layer on the face with a synthetic (or wooden) brush.
  • Then wait until the mask dries completely and wash your face. It is recommended to prepare the mask just before use.

The easiest and most effective home facial masks

Age-related hormonal changes lead to a loss of collagen and the ability to regenerate the skin quickly. For older age it is recommended to prepare masks based on natural products (gelatin, yeast, cottage cheese and kiwi, citrus fruits, banana), which stimulate blood circulation at the cellular level, tone the epidermis. As a result of the use of such masks can significantly prolong youthfulness. The positive result will be noticeable even after a few days of use.

Thus, to create a face mask, you need elements that are always on hand. The effect of these cosmetic procedures is amazing, because the skin gets a healthy look.

The easiest and most effective home facial masks

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The easiest and most effective home facial masks

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