7 Tips for Washing Black Things Properly

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Afraid of ruining your favorite black blouse or jeans? Are you worried that the color can fade and become gray? To prevent this, use our tips. All of them have long been tested and proven effective! Your things will always be in excellent condition! Color, as if only from the store!

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7 Tips for Washing Black Things Properly

Washing and caring for clothes in the modern world of washing machines and powerful detergents seems to be a simple matter. But every housewife knows that spoiling things is also easy if you take care of them without observing certain rules. Much is said about how to restore the whiteness of clothing, remove stains. But there are much more capricious things in leaving.

7 Tips for Washing Black Things Properly

These things are black!

After all, as you know, such things are very finicky in the wash and when mistreated, they quickly lose the saturation of the original color and acquire a gray tint.

On clothes of black color, despite the assertion that “black is never dirty”, even slight pollution more than clearly manifests itself! And what can we say about dust, dandruff, villi, pet hair, traces of powder and foundation, stains from deodorants … Therefore, black things more often wear out and, accordingly, fade faster.

But if you know these effective ways to care for black clothes, then your things will be like new for a long time.

  1. If you do not want things to turn gray after washing in the washing machine, always use a delicate wash. And do not forget that a pinch of fine salt must be added to the washing powder.
7 Tips for Washing Black Things Properly

2.To preserve and refresh the black color, proceed as follows when washing. Fill your pelvis with cold water. Add two tablespoons of vinegar. Soak the black clothes in the resulting solution. Let her lie down in a basin for 20 minutes, wring out without rinsing. Then wash your clothes the way you usually wash them in the washing machine or hands.

3.Another way to refresh black. Pour boiling water into the basin and add ground black coffee to it. The solution should be very strong. Dip the faded black clothes into it. Let the clothes lie in this fragrant product for 20-30 minutes. Then wash the item by hand with a delicate detergent. This is quite an expensive way, but you must admit that your favorite black thing is worth it.

4.And in this way you can freshen up things that cannot be washed off with your hands or in the washing machine. It is well suited for washing men’s trousers, skirts and even jackets made of natural fabrics. Prepare a solution of boiled water and tobacco in a basin. The proportion should be fifteen grams of tobacco per liter of boiling water. Brew with boiling water, let cool to 40 degrees, strain. Apply the solution to the clothes with a brush gradually. Then rinse the item in cool water.

5.A very easy way to refresh and fix the black color is to rinse things with black mascara. True, it is suitable only for hand washing. Add a little black mascara and one or two tablespoons of vinegar during the last rinse.

6.Bring soda back to black things and eliminate the smell of sweat. Ideal for shirts and blouses! After washing, do the following soak. Gather in a basin of warm water and add a tablespoon of baking soda there, immerse clean things that were washed in the washing machine or by hands. Hold in the solution for 10-15 minutes. Rinse

7.Well, and a way for the laziest. Take the thing that you want to return the saturated black color to dry clean. There she will again be given the original shade.

7 Tips for Washing Black Things Properly

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