The most delicious preservation recipes

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The most delicious preservation recipes

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Delicious tomato preservation

We will need

(per 1 liter jar)

✓ tomatoes

✓ dill and parsley

✓ garlic

✓ olive oil

Preparation method:

At the bottom of the jar we put dill and parsley.

Cut the tomatoes into slices and place in jars.

Put chopped onion on top.

To make the marinade we need

(for 8 cans):

✓ 4 l. purified water

✓ 4 tbsp. l salt

✓ 8 tbsp. l Sahara,

✓ allspice.

Boil everything. Last of all, add vinegar.

We fill our billets with chilled marinade.

You don’t need to put too many onions.

The brine in tomatoes is simply excellent.

Winter conservation is ready!

Canned cauliflower

For manufacturing, we need:

✓ 4 kg of cabbage

✓ 2 kg of tomatoes

✓ 1.5 kg of pepper

✓ dill and parsley

✓ 3 heads of garlic

✓ 250 ml of oil

✓ vinegar

✓ salt

Preparation method:

Cut the cabbage and cook for five minutes.

Strain the water. Grind vegetables, parsley and garlic.

We move everything to our cabbage and add vegetable oil, vinegar, salt.

Digest everything for about seven minutes and close.

Our recipe is designed for five liter cans of canned cabbage.

Greek appetizer

To create a conservation, we need:

✓ 0.5 kg of carrots

✓ 1.5 kg of large pepper

✓ 200 ml of sunflower oil

✓ 2.5 kg tomato

✓ greens

✓ 2 pcs. bitter pepper

✓ 2 heads of garlic

✓ 0.5 kg of onion

✓ salt, sugar, vinegar

Preparation method:

Cook beans on low heat.

Shred onions, peppers, carrots.

Fry over low heat.

Three tomatoes on a grater, add herbs and chopped garlic.

Add everything to our beans, add vinegar, salt, let it simmer for 10 minutes.

We immediately spread it in jars.

Preparation for preservation is completed.

Granny Canned Rice Salad

For cooking, we need:

✓ 5 kg of tomatoes

✓ 2 kg of carrots

✓ 1, 5 kg onions

✓ 1, 5 kg of large pepper

✓ 0, 5 l of vegetable oil

✓ boiled rice

✓ vinegar, salt, sugar

Preparation method:

Finely cut our vegetables, cook for 45 minutes and send to jars.

We cover the canned goods with a warm blanket.

The recipe is great, try it and you will be satisfied!

Mushroom caviar

For cooking, we need:

✓ 2 pcs. carrots

✓ 4 pcs. onions

✓ 4 large tomatoes

✓ 4 kg of boiled mushrooms

A method of manufacturing preservation:

Grind the prepared vegetables.

Add sunflower oil, salt, sugar, allspice.

Leave on fire for 8 minutes.

We move the mushrooms to our vegetables and leave it on fire for another 10 minutes.

From the very last moment, add chopped garlic and vinegar.

You will be satisfied with our recipes!

The most delicious preservation recipes

Bon Appetit!

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