“Manzanas”: Exquisite Greek-Style Stuffed Eggplants

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Experience the delicate flavors and hearty satisfaction of a two-in-one delight with these “Manzanas” – the culinary masterpiece of stuffed eggplants, Greek style! With a harmonious blend of eggplants, carrots, bell peppers, parsley, and garlic, this dish promises a symphony of taste and a fulfilling dining experience.

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"Manzanas": Exquisite Greek-Style Stuffed Eggplants

With a medley of fresh ingredients and a touch of fermentation magic, these stuffed eggplants promise a unique, savory experience that lingers on the palate. A versatile dish that marries elegance with heartiness, “Manzanas” invites you to savor the artistry of Greek cuisine. Bon appétit!

"Manzanas": Exquisite Greek-Style Stuffed Eggplants



  • 15 kg (33 lbs) of eggplants


  • 2. 5 kg (11 lbs) of carrots
  • 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of bell peppers
  • 500 g (1.1 lbs) of parsley
  • 500 g (1.1 lbs) of garlic (you can use up to 1 kg according to your taste)
  • Four handfuls of salt


Wash the eggplants, carefully trim the stems, and make a 5 cm incision on one side. Boil the small eggplants separately from the large ones. Once cooked, cool the boiled eggplants in cold running water. Arrange them on a sloping board, press them with another board, and place a weight on top.

While the eggplant juice drains, prepare the stuffing. Grate the carrots coarsely. In a cauldron, pour two cups of oil, simmer for five to ten minutes, then transfer to a large basin and let it cool. Cut the bell peppers into strips, pass the garlic through a meat grinder, or use a garlic press. Chop the parsley, add salt, and mix well.

Stuff the eggplants, laying them tightly in a bucket or a nylon barrel. Cover and place a weight on top. After three days, once they ferment, distribute them into jars and seal with nylon lids.

Store in a cool place.

"Manzanas": Exquisite Greek-Style Stuffed Eggplants

Enjoy your meal!

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