Whipped Curd Spread: A Homemade Delight for Your Bread

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Say goodbye to mundane spreads, and get ready for a culinary escapade right in your kitchen! This curd spread isn’t just a condiment; it’s a homemade delight that will rival even the most exquisite delicacies served in fancy restaurants.

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Whipped Curd Spread: A Homemade Delight for Your Bread

Imagine a creamy concoction of curd, eggs, and butter, skillfully blended to perfection. This spread isn’t just a topping; it’s a flavor journey waiting to unfold on your taste buds. The secret? A dash of baking soda to melt the curd and a touch of herbs to elevate the experience.

In this simple yet extraordinary recipe, we take you through the steps of creating a tantalizing spread that will transform your ordinary bread into a gourmet delight. From the bubbling water bath magic to the final setting in a sleek mold, every step is a symphony of flavors in the making.

Why settle for store-bought when you can craft your own cheesy masterpiece? Unleash your inner chef, add a pinch of creativity, and watch your friends savor the taste of your homemade creation. It’s not just a spread; it’s a culinary adventure. Get ready to spread the joy and share the goodness. Your bread will thank you!

Whipped Curd Spread: A Homemade Delight for Your Bread


  • Curd (Quark) – 500 g (approximately 2 cups)
  • Egg – 1 piece
  • Baking soda – 1 teaspoon
  • Butter – 100 g (about 7 tablespoons)
  • Salt – to taste
  • Herbs – to taste


  1. Take a small saucepan and fill it halfway with water. Place it on the stove and bring the water to a boil.
  2. While the water is heating, prepare the curd mixture. Transfer the curd to a metal bowl, add the egg, baking soda, and mix everything thoroughly.
  3. Add the softened butter to the mixture. Beat all the ingredients with a blender until you get a smooth, thick consistency.
  4. Once the water in the saucepan is boiling, place the bowl with the curd mixture on top, ensuring that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water.
  5. While the bowl is over the water bath, constantly stir the mixture until it becomes homogeneous and elastic. After removing the bowl from the bath, you can add spices according to your taste.
  6. Take a mold in which you will store the homemade cheese. A rectangular metal form works best. Pour the curd mixture from the bowl into the mold. Leave the cheese at room temperature until it cools completely. Afterward, cover it and refrigerate until it solidifies completely.

From the provided ingredients, you will get approximately 600–650 g of homemade cheese. Avoid using overly dry curd, as it may compromise the flavor of the “Amber.”

Whipped Curd Spread: A Homemade Delight for Your Bread

The best option is homemade curd, not store-bought. Adding baking soda is crucial as it helps melt the curd. Many homemakers add caraway seeds, making the product exceptionally tasty. Give it a try and share with friends!

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