5 important tips to always be slim

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A girl’s slimness is an indicator of her attractiveness and health. But in order to get a trim body you have to work hard, to refuse the usual diet. Because of this, losing weight is associated with something difficult and unattainable. How to dispel this myth and how to stay slim, using 5 tips for losing weight or maintaining weight?

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5 important tips to always be slim

Calorie Counting

The energy value and composition of foods affect how food is digested. Girls calculate their daily caloric intake to stay slim. The simplest way is a formula in which body weight is multiplied by 25. The result is the number of calories per day to maintain weight, for weight loss subtract 20% from the final figure. If there is physical activity, use the more complex Harris-Benedict formula. So the menu for the day is easy to calculate, there is no risk of getting better, as long as you stay within the norm.

5 important tips to always be slim

Food substitutions.

Diet is the next point of body control. A chocolate bar, for example, is equal in calories to a whole dinner of healthy foods. If it is a chicken breast, most of the nutrients are proteins. They have a positive effect on muscle tone and skin condition. But in the case of chips, the result will be different: harmful fats and carbohydrates will act as empty calories, such products go into fat reserves. Therefore, it is recommended to replace sweets with fruit, bread or fatty foods with vegetables, protein products.

5 important tips to always be slim

Physical activity

Muscles have a beneficial effect on the state of the figure: at the same weight as fat, they occupy a much smaller volume, consuming more calories. If there is no time to go to the gym, independent activity will fix the situation.

  • A light jog in the morning.
  • An active walk in the evening.
  • Jumping on a rope for 10-15 minutes.
  • A complex of exercises for charging.

With the help of physical activity, the body becomes tightened, the metabolism is accelerated. After 2-3 weeks the result will be noticeable, health will improve, tone will appear.

5 important tips to always be slim

Cosmetology and massage

During weight loss, problem areas can be troubling to the last: flabbiness on the thighs and buttocks, sluggish skin. Those who simply maintain their weight also face this problem. To solve the problem, you will need the help of a beautician and special body care products. Anti-cellulite massage models the correct shape of the buttocks, eliminates flabbiness, warming creams for weight loss help tighten the skin of the whole body. Canned massages performed by a specialist will also be very helpful.

Positive mindset

The main advice in preserving slenderness and the desire to lose weight is to love yourself, listen to the signals of the body. Unhealthy food destroys it, but constantly berating yourself is also not desirable. On the contrary, you should praise yourself for every small achievement, to be happy about your reflection in the mirror. Especially if there is a positive result from working on yourself.

If you use these five tips to stay slender, correctly and gradually revise your lifestyle and diet, a trim figure and a permanent tone will not make you wait. It remains to enjoy a slender body and set new goals.

5 important tips to always be slim

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